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No Lapse Guarantee Universal Life


Uncertainty in life is guaranteed. No one can predict what changes may occur in his or her lifetime, or when the unthinkable might happen. When planning for the future, your clients want death benefit protection that will be there at any time—regardless of changes that happen along the way. For your clients that are seeking a low-cost guaranteed death benefit, turn to universal life that offers lifetime permanent coverage.


Client Profile

  1. Has a need for guaranteed death-benefit coverage

  2. Wants flexibility to specify duration of coverage - up to a lifetime

  3. Coverage to help protect against critical illness

  4. Coverage to help protect against chronic illness

  5. Wants value for the premiums paid 



No Lapse Guarantee Advantages

  1. Pay for mortgage, outstanding debts, medical costs and funeral expenses

  2. Helps protect against unexpected illness

  3. Supplement Long Term Care Expenses

  4. Create a legacy for children or grandchildren

  5. Fund college expenses

  6. Facilitate wealth transfer









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