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About EMI

Anchored by the vast expertise of its Agents, MGAs, Home Office and very successful group of IMOs, EMI has become one of the foremost national marketing organizations in the country. It has grown over the past 18 years to encompass producers in 48 states.

Through extensive and integrated marketing and administration, EMI provides an unmatched, immediate staff and support system. We leverage decades of experience to help producers, carriers and MGAs build their organizations. The focus is always on growing your business, so that as a producer, your career can reach new levels.


Executive Marketing Insurers (EMI) is a wholly owned subsidiary of Executive Marketing Holding Corporation (EMHC), founded July 1, 1993. We believe that a marketing company should be totally dedicated to the development of production, and the management of that production.

The cornerstone of our success has been a promise to never lose sight of the needs of our distribution, and to remain 100% emotionally committed to their development. Our passion to this philosophy has made possible the present success of EMI in the national insurance marketing arena, and will ensure its continued rapid growth.


EMI understands what producers want in a solid compensation package. We offer highly competitive first-year and renewal commissions, incentive programs, vested contracts and much more.

Ask the EMI Marketing and Sales team how you can begin to build your future today. Trust us to have the compensation package you want


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