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Participating Whole Life

The Power of Guarantees


A policy that provides long-term value to policy owners...


Participating Whole life insurance offers a unique combination of guaranteed death benefit protection, guaranteed cash value accumulation, and guaranteed level premiums over a lifetime. Participating Whole life insurance policies may also give your clients the potential to receive dividends


These benefits and guarantees mean that a participating whole life policy can be more than just life insurance, it can be a financial asset that proves to be a long term and dependable value to policy owners.


Client Profile


If your clients are looking for a permenant death benefit, along with flexible options, participating whole life is the answer.


The policy's death benefit can be used for:

-Survivor needs

-Mortgage protection

-Business needs

-Charitable giving


The accumulated cash value can be used for:

-College funding

-Supplemental retirement income


-Other needs















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