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Life Insurance You Don't Have to Die to Use

The Power of Living Benefits

What if your client suffers a major heart attack, stroke, or invasive cancer and don't die? Would your client’s family be able to maintain their standard of living if they were financially impacted by a serious illness?


Traditional life insurance is designed to provide security for your client’s loved ones in the event of their premature death... but what if your clients could get life insurance they don't have to die to use?


Accelerated benefit riders serve a growing market demand for clients who need death benefit protection, but are also concerned about the impact that a critical, chronic or terminal illness may have on their financial well-being.


Executive Marketing Insurers Portfolio of living benefits was designed to meet the demands of a growing market and help you provide solutions to your clients needs. With simplified issue products as well as improved underwriting technology for medically underwritten business Executive Marketing Insurers can customize life insurance for every stage of life.

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