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PlanRight Final Expense

PlanRight Training


The National Funeral Directors Association (NFDA) released an updated General Price List Survey, indicating the median cost of a funeral, including a vault, is now $8,34


Foresters PlanRight offers clients:

Coverage up to $35,000

Point of Sale Approval

Immediate Death Benefit

Free Simple Will

Basics 1 - Basic product information

Basics 2 - How to qualify

Basics 3 - Point-of-Sale Interview


Consumer Presentation- A step-by-step guide to help clients understand the need for final expense planning and the levels of coverage available.

Foresters Decision Express

Foresters Decision Express Service is an accelerated sales process that helps you close sales and get paid faster than ever.


Real-time eligibility decisions are now available at point-of-sale (POS) for all Foresters non-med products - Advantage Plus, SMART UL and LifeFirst - up to $250,000. It's fast, easy and mobile - apply and get decisions right in your client's home!

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