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Foresters Decision Express Service is an accelerated sales process that helps you close sales and get paid faster than ever.


Real-time eligibility decisions are now available at point-of-sale (POS) for all Foresters non-med products - Advantage Plus, SMART UL and LifeFirst - up to $250,000. It's fast, easy and mobile - apply and get decisions right in your client's home!


How does it work? It's so easy.

  • Complete the application in full in your client's home

  • Call Apptical at 866 844 9276 while in your client's home

  • Follow the simple 15-20-minute process to determine your client's medical eligibility


You'll get a decision while you're on the phone in your client's home. Now that's express service!


Here are a few pointers to remember: 

  • To remain eligible for this service, you'll need to send the application (regardless of the decision) and all other applicable forms to Foresters

  • When approved, certificate can be issued in as little as four business days

  • And, you'll get paid when we mail the certificate to your client

  • Apptical interviews can be conducted in English and Spanish



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